ABL became to be a leading Israeli  company for agro processing projects , specialized in turnkey solutions and food and milk processing plants . Company produces a large variety of custom made machinery for different food industries as Fruit , Vegetables, Milk and Meat.


ABL products are supported by high food processing technologies.


ABL company is connecting  New technologies  with  Tradition . 


Our company is specialized in design, production , and supply of turnkey 

Food projects for various capacities , according individual customer needs. 

ABL provides design, manufacturing data required for future client before the project, as the company also provides the necessary data for marketing the finished products. The company provides installation, training of local staff from the beginning stages of the project and after it is installed. In addition, the company provides technical support for the continued successful operation of the project and provides information essential to the continued advancement and development.



Milk processing plants




Fruit and Vegetable plants